VIDEO: Plymouth Boy's Tooth Pulling Video Goes Viral

A home video of Miles Hoeft's creative way to take out a loose tooth has sparked international attention on YouTube.

Some kids tie a string to their loose tooth and attach the string to a door.

And others like Miles Hoeft, 8, of Plymouth, attach the string to something else, like a Nerf crossbow.

He did it more than a year ago and his father John shot a video of it and posted it on YouTube and suddenly it became popular. It's been viewed over 1.3 million times from people all over the world on YouTube in just the last few weeks

"Around Dec. 18 or 20 someone got a hold of it and it took off," said John. "It's gotten on a lot of shows, channels and websites that post popular videos."

Comedy Central, ESPN and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno have all shown the video. Many people who know the family saw the video shown Dec. 22 on Jay Leno and called them about it.

"One of the interesting things that came out of this was a licensing company called Viral Spiral that's in the U.K. reached out to us to provide a great service when this type of thing happens to protect use of the video and also negotiate other licensing opportunities for us," John said. "If someone wants to use it for marketing purposes the company would do all the negotiating on our behalf."

Since all the hubbub happened during winter break while school was out Miles has yet to find out if his friends, peers or teachers at his school, , have anything to say about it or seen it.

It so happened, when Plymouth Patch sat down to talk to Miles he had just been to his dentist at in Plymouth. Everything looked good.

"The saw the video on Leno, but didn’t know it was Miles and when we told them they took a picture to post on their website with a link to the video," John said.

Miles has discovered another loose tooth. He hopes to try yanking it out with a different Nerf gun or bow. He has at least five different kinds, John said.

"I'd probably try smaller bow," Miles said.

Miles and his dad also post still picture animation videos on YouTube, which are mainly of battle scenes from movies.

For nowm Miles isn't sure about making tooth videos a regular endeavor, but the thought of finding a new and different way to pull his next loose tooth sure brings a smile to his face.

(Editor's Note: John Hoeft is the Midwest Regional Advertising Director for Patch and a Plymouth resident.)


maureen kurtz December 06, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Wow...famous over a tooth! Call if you can to fill me in on patch. Maureen kurtz adverting consultant moe's marketing Associate producer macro tiger productions


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