Eat Shop Opens in Plymouth: No. 4 Post of 2012

We're taking a look back at 2012 and counting down the top stories. Here's No. 4.

Plymouth Patch covered a wide variety of stories in 2012. For the rest of the month we’ll be counting down the top ranked stories. These are the stories that you found most interesting.

A new restaurant hit our Top 10 list. Here's a look at the story in our No. 4 slot.

Eat Shop to Open in Former Joe Senser's Spot

A new front patio is being created in the former Joe Senser's spot to make way for a new restaurant called the Eat Shop Kitchen and Bar.

And much more is happening inside as the place gets ready to open its doors.

One of the owners/managers Michael Larson briefly discussed the new shop at the July 24 Plymouth City Council meeting when the Council approved a on-sale and Sunday liquor license for the business.

The Eat Shop is a business of the Flying Swine LLC company owned by Larson.

"We thought the city of Plymouth had enough sports bars so we're not a sports bar, we're fine dining," Larson said. "We're kind of a modern American cuisine."

Larson is a chef. He has two other partners who own the Eat Shop. None of the partners live in Plymouth, but Larson lives in Orono.

"We will open in sometime in September if all goes well," he said. "Early to mid September is our target, can't nail down a date yet."

As an owner and operator, Larson said he will be at the business six to seven days a week. Another partner will act as general manager.

Before the Eat Shop, Larson was Vice-President of Culinary Operations at Parasole Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

Senser's was shuttered earlier this year, around March. It was the second one shuttered because of  "economic and financial reasons," as shown on a sign posted on the closed doors.

The Eagan location closed last November. Plymouth's location opened in 2007.


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