Project To Prevent Flooding in Plymouth Moves Forward

The city has given a contractor a green light to fix the wetland area near 45th Avenue and Nathan Lane in Plymouth.

The City of Plymouth will move forward with a construction project to prevent flooding near 45th Avenue and Nathan Lane.

City engineers say sediments from roads, driveways and businesses have built up along sewer pipes in the area. The sediments are blocking the flow of water through the wetland and could cause flooding if the problem isn’t addressed.

At a recent city council meeting, the members awarded a contract to S.M. Hentges and Sons, Inc. The company is based in Jordan, MN.

The company, which has worked with the city on a previous bridge replacement project, will dig eight channels in the area to allow for better water flow.

According to city documents, the project will cost $89,016.27, which is considerably less than the city had budgeted for the project. The city planned $300,000 for it.

The city received ten bids from contractors; S.M. Hentges and Sons, Inc offered the lowest price for the project.

Construction has already begun near 45th Avenue and Nathan Lane. The project should be mostly finished in March, with final restoration happening in spring.

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