Seven Ways Plymouth MN Patch Can Help You

Are you looking for a place to let people know about you or something important to you?

Did you know you could post your own event, announcement or photo for free on Plymouth MN Patch?

Did you know you it could be seen by thousands of people every day?

Plymouth MN Patch is your page. It's the place for the community to connect, communicate and learn from and about each other.

Here are seven ways you can use Plymouth MN Patch to your advantage:

1. Post an event and/or announcement for free anytime. Our events calendar appears with that day's events every morning in our free email newsletter that has hundreds of subscribers. Our events calendar can be seen on the homepage of Plymouth MN Patch and many announcements are highlighted with our top news stories everyday. Tell people about a class, conference, wedding, birth, or other announcements anytime as often as you like.

2. Write about what's important or what interests you. Anyone can blog for free on Plymouth MN Patch. We have bloggers who talk about movies, the Olympics, eye care, finances, running, books, science and more! What do you have to say? We want to know! Create a conversation in your community today.

3. Submit photos or video of what's going on in your community in our pics and clips section. Build and create a Plymouth neighborhood photo gallery that really shows all the diverse, colorful, interesting and picture-perfect memories of our community. You can also enter in one of our many photo contests to win free stuff from local businesses!

4. Sign up for the free email newsletter to get all the latest news and information in your email inbox every morning, once a week or even get breaking news alerts. Daily newsletters will provide links to that day's top news stories.

5. Find a business, rate a business, review a business in Plymouth in our business listings. The listings provide a free opportunity for Plymouth business owners if they claim the listing to see what people say in reviews and get information out to thousands of potential consumers. And if you are simply looking for a restaurant, clothing store, service center or whatever you can look it up by topic or name. Don't forget to vote for your favorite businesses in contest that ends this Friday, Aug. 17!

6. Plymouth is surrounded by several major highways so our commute and cheap gas prices guide can help you find out what traffic is like and where you can get cheap gas in Plymouth. This is a great help with the free Patch phone app when you are on the go!

7. Perhaps social media is how you like to get your news and information. Join the conversation on the Plymouth MN Patch Facebook page. It is a great way to find out about breaking news stories, talk about what's going on and inform others on what you know. Right now we're trying to get to 300 likes and need your help, so if you haven't liked the page yet, please do so!

* By the way, there are more than seven ways Plymouth MN Patch can work for you. You can also advertise to thousands, submit letters to the editor, provide a news tip, find job and volunteer opportunities and much more. Email editor Stefanie Briggs at stefanie.briggs@patch.com with any questions or comments for editorial content or if you are interested in advertising please email Eric Best at eric.best@patch.com. We hope to hear from you!

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Interesting fact about Plymouth MN Patch: It was launched in July 2011 and celebrated one year on July 22. It started out with under 100 newsletter subscribers and now close to 900 and counting!


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