LETTER: Supports Pentel For Hennepin County District 2

Scott Grayson writes in support of Paula Pentel for Hennepin County Commission.

To the Editor:

Most people I speak with have no idea who their County Commissioner is or what they do. This position is purposely non-partisan so they can serve their entire constituency. They set policy and fund health and human services, public works, public safety, transportation, and libraries. The budget is approximately $1.6 Billion.

If you live in Hennepin County you are paying taxes to them.  In this year’s crowded race, it is important for you to vote for the very best one in the August 14th primary election—Paula Pentel.

Having served on the Golden Valley City Council with Paula, I know firsthand that she asks the tough questions, does her own research, analyzes and makes tough decisions always with an eye toward increasing the quality of life for all residents.

She is one of the most thoughtful, deliberative, analytic yet empathetic people I have worked with.  Her educational and professional background in urban studies, chair of the Golden Valley Planning Commission and Councilmember has prepared her extremely well to move into the role of County Commissioner with ease. Having been raised in North Minneapolis and now living in the Western Suburbs, Paul Pentel truly understands the varied urban and suburban needs of this District.

Join me in helping her win this upcoming primary race so we can elect her as county commissioner in the general election on November 6th.

Scott D. Grayson


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