Opinion: Minnesota Flu Season 2013 - Flu Feedback

Maple Grove and Plymouth-MN Patch users share how the flu season has impacted their households. How has the flu impacted you?

With flu rates rising in Minnesota, flu shots continue to given across the metro as area residents try to avoid catching the bug.

I’m considering myself lucky at this point – no flu so far.  My goal? Just to get through the winter without the flu doing a full breach at our home.

On the Maple Grove and Plymouth-MN Patch Facebook pages, users shared comments about how the flu has, or has not, been impacting their households. 

Heidi Engels Bjugstad - Got my flu shot, but still came down with the flu at the end of November. It was miserable.

Cory Peterson - Not getting a flu shot seems silly. Why take the risk?

Abby Jimenez - Family of five. Three of us got it. My six year old had a temp of 104.5. And she had a flu shot.

Danielle Joseph - I was diagnosed with Influenza A, and I received the flu shot in September!

Lisa Sholl Dahl - I perform flu testing as a part of my job. I can't stress the importance of informing yourself with accurate information about the flu vaccine & influenza. Don't rely on old wive's tales, Internet, FB, etc for your health information. Talk to your doctor, clinic or nurse line. Too many healthy people are succumbing to organ failure and an over reactive immune system.

Sara Subby - Our good friends 5th grader has been in ICU since this past weekend with the flu and pneumonia!

Molly Mickelson Weidinger - No flu here, and no flu shots....

SHARE: How has the 2013 flu season been treating your family? What have you been doing to try to prevent catching the bug? Share your thoughts in comments.


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