Molotov Cocktail, Pressure Bombs in Plymouth

The most recent Plymouth Police report shows more bombs and graffiti.

From Aug. 16-22 the Plymouth Police Department reported 74 incidents, which included the following:

• Five weapon offenses, including a MacGyver-type bomb (also known as a homemade bomb) located in the yard of a residence on the 10900 block of 47th Avenue North on Aug. 18. A pressure bomb went off Aug. 16 at an area on the 4700 block of Xene Lane North while another pressure bomb was heard by several businesses and remnants of the bomb were found on the 5400 block of Northwest Blvd North on Aug. 22. Also, officers found a Molotov cocktail left at two different basketball courts on the 4800 block of Saratoga Lane and the 10400 block of 48th Avenue North on Aug. 20.

• Six instances of fraud

• Five criminal damages to property, including graffiti on apartment buildings and playground equipment as well as rocks and beer bottles through windows.


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