Plymouth Police and Fire to Get New Equipment

The city council approved the replacement of police cars and purchase of new radios for all emergency vehicles.

Some new equipment is headed to the city’s police and fire department. The Plymouth City Council approved the purchase of seven new police cars and 53 new radios for both police and fire vehicles.

The Plymouth Police Department will replace seven vehicles on the fleet with three new sedans and four new SUVs. According to city documents, the cost of the seven vehicles is $207,266 and was budgeted for. The vehicles in the police department are ‘retired’ on a rotation schedule to ensure safety.

Both the police and fire department will have new radios in their vehicles. According to city documents, the current radios are update and now longer supported Motorola. The police department will get 38 radios and fire department will get 21. The radios will cost the city $241,411. The city did purchase the radios at the end of the 2012, which brought about a savings of $23,000.


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