Plymouth Police Warn Of Increased Car Thefts

Juveniles and some adults find stealing from unlocked vehicles an easy crime of opportunity in Plymouth.

On Aug. 2 Plymouth Police officers were enforcing the 2-5 a.m. parking ordinance when two adults and three juveniles were arrested for entering multiple vehicles parked in driveways and garages in Plymouth. All of the vehicles involved in these incidents were unlocked and made for easy access to commit the crimes.

Through the investigation, the two adult suspects also admitted to committing thefts and burglaries in adjoining communities. The juvenile suspects advised officers that stealing property from vehicles and garages is a growing trend because it is an easy crime of opportunity.

Here’s what you can do to help deter criminals in your neighborhood:

  • Remove all valuables from your car. Don’t leave items in your car that are tempting to a thief. (This includes garage door openers).  In several of these incidents, garage door openers that had been left in vehicles parked in driveways were used to access the garages.
  • Park your car in your locked garage whenever possible.  Before retiring for the evening, check to ensure that your overhead door is closed and all doors are secured.
  • Car break-ins are the most commonly reported crime in Plymouth, but it is probably the easiest to prevent.
  • Be on the lookout for suspicious behavior.  Someone looking into cars, for example, is something the police should know about.  Please call 911.

(Information provided by a Plymouth Police press release.)


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