Stolen: Car Seat, Tips from a Tip Jar, Bobcat Sweeper

A roundup of recent police calls in Plymouth, reported by the Plymouth Police Department.


  • Officers broke up a fight in the hallway of an apartment complex on the 2500 block of Lancaster Lane. 


  • Two televisions valued at $539 were stolen from the workout rooms at the apartment complex on the 1400 block of Olive Lane.
  • A child’s car seat and a GPS were taken from an open garage on 58th Place North.


  • An ATM card was stolen and $2,900 was charged on it.

Hit and Run

  • A parked car was hit on Jewel Lane. 

Car Theft

  • Three cars were stolen between December 24 and December 26. One vehicle was recovered. Cars were taken from a parking lot off Highway 55, a home on Weston Lane and a home on Union Terrace Lane.

Tampering with a Motor Vehicle

  • Damage to a bobcat was reported of Campus Drive after someone removed the sweeper from it. The sweeper was valued at $2500. 


  • Shoes were taken from a locker room.
  • A trailer was stolen from a business parking lot on the 13800 block of 24th Avenue. It was valued at $3800.
  • A cell phone was left in a bathroom and was taken by someone else.
  • Liquor was stolen from someone off Highway 169.
  • Customer stole money from a tip jar and ordered $19 worth of drinks and never paid.
  • Six tires and rims were taken from 10800 block of South Shore Drive.

Theft from a Vehicle

  • A purse was taken from a car after a window was broke.


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