Latz Promises No Hearing on Assault Weapons Ban, Magazine Ban

The District 46 Legislator and head of the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to focus on background checks and ‘loopholes.’

Sen. Ron Latz (DFL-District 46) said this week’s hearings on gun-control legislation will not cover a proposed ban on assault weapons or limits on magazine sizes.

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman─whose district includes Golden Valley, Hopkins, Plymouth and St. Louis Park-─said universal background checks will most likely lead the discussion.

“I think most people agree that universal background checks is the first place we should start. We need to focus on what we can accomplish right now to make our state safer,” a news release quoted Latz. “The outright banning of guns is a conversation that is more suited on the federal level.”

Latz’s committee plans two days of hearings on the proposed legislation, starting Thursday. Unlike divisive hearings in the House earlier this month, Latz said he wants to focus on proposals that have a broad consensus among the public.

“From those that want to ban all guns to those that want the ability to defend themselves by any means possible, there is a lot of passion surrounding this issue,” the release quoted Latz. “As the Senate Judiciary Chair, it is my goal to find effective solutions with common ground. I believe both sides want a safer state. My intent is to have an open conversation about our current options. This isn’t a time to fan the flames, but there is an obvious need for action.”

Fabuladico February 19, 2013 at 09:32 PM
You know a lot of this is just noise. There is already a required background check for the purchase of handguns and rifles. A special permit is required to purchase "assualt weapons", which includes any military type weapons even those used in WWI or WWII. Limiting the size of the clip is also superfluous since it takes less than three seconds to change clips for anyone with experience in doing so. A cop can do it in less than that. But I will say this, the politicians are certainly getting their milage out of the issue. The question I have is why politicians seem so rabid about blaming the guns. A gun is only a tool like a hammer or a saw, no better or no worse than the person using it. But what about that person? I see no politicans wanting to ban ultraviolent video games or graphically violent movies which tend to glamorize murder. No one talks about the new crop of TV shows in which the protagoniost is a gang member or a drug dealer or even a serial killer. These are the things that help program people to accept killing as a natural activity.


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