Plymouth Councilwoman Kathleen Murdock To Resign

Due to retirement PERA pension conflicts, Plymouth City Councilmember Kathleen Murdock has asked to resign from the Ward 2 council position effective at the end of this month.

According to the city, Plymouth City Councilmember Kathleen Murdock has announced her resignation as the Ward 2 representative on the council, to be effective Sept. 30.

Murdock's term was set to expire Dec. 31, 2014. She has been on the council nearly five years. In a letter to the city, Murdock stipulates that she is resigning due to conflicts with her recent retirement.

"Recently I decided to retire from Hennepin County after 33 years of service," Murdock said in the letter. "In discussing my retirement with PERA, I discovered I would need to terminate all PERA employment in order to receive a pension. Therefore, I need to resign from the City Council as well."

She said in the letter it has been a great honor for her to serve as a councilmember and on the Planning Commission prior to being on the council.

"I commend your leadership and have learned a great deal from my peers on the council and the highly professional staff," she said in the letter. "I hope you find a replacement that will make for a smooth transition. If there is anything I can do to help in that process, please let me know."

She requested that the council adopt a motion to accept her resignation. Per PERA's verification of termination, the agency requires a copy of the governing board's meeting minutes that show acceptance of her resignation. She said she hopes that could be done at the Sept. 6 meeting.

Under the city's charter when a council member vacancy occurs the council adopts a resolution declaring the vacancy at its next regular meeting, which is Tuesday, Sept. 13.

The council must appoint an eligible person to fill the vacancy until the next regular municipal election when the office is filled for the unexpired term. If the council doesn't do this within 60 days the mayor appoints an eligible person to fill the vacancy.

Historically, the council has solicited applications from residents and conducted interviews, but there is no charter or statutory requirement to do so.

The council can appoint someone to fill the vacancy for about a year until the next local election. That would mean the Ward 2 position would be part of the November 2012 elections to fill the remaining two years of the term.

The council will discuss this matter at its 6 p.m. special meeting Tuesday, Sept. 6, at City Hall.


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