Plymouth Gets High Marks From Residents in Recent Survey

The City of Plymouth reached out to its residents in a phone survey to get a sense of how community members feel about the city.

The City of Plymouth conducted a survey to find out what residents think about their hometown. The survey, conducted by Decision Resources, shows the city gets high marks in quality of life and city services.

The city’s website has a breakdown of the results. The highlights from this 400 person random survey are below:

Quality of Life

Residents rate the quality of life in the community among the highest in the metropolitan area, according to Bill Morris of Decision Resources. Quality of life was rated as excellent or good by 97 percent of the respondents, with 75 percent saying it was excellent and 22 percent giving it a good rating.

 Plymouth, which has traditionally earned high marks for quality of life, saw a large shift in the percentage of residents describing the quality of life as excellent rather than good. The percent of excellent ratings doubled from 37 in 2004 to 75 in 2012.

Like Most About Community

When asked an open-ended question about what they like most about Plymouth, responses were:

  • Location 28%
  • Neighborhoods 19%  
  • Schools 12%
  • “Friendly people” and “safe” tied for fourth at 9% 

Most Serious Issue

The most common issues that residents cited when asked about the most serious issue facing Plymouth were:

  • Growth 18%
  • High Taxes 14%

City Services & Taxes

City services were consistently rated positively, and residents feel they are getting a good value for their city tax dollars. On average, a solid 90 percent rate the quality of city services as either excellent or good. This places Plymouth’s service rating among the top three cities in the metro and the highest in western Hennepin County. 

Other Findings

  • 87% feel safe walking alone in the their neighborhood at night
  • 97% give positive ratings to parks and trails
  • 64% feel they know a great deal or a fair amount about the mayor and council and their work
  • 81% approve of the job the mayor and council are doing
  • 72% feel they have a say in local government

For more information about the survey, check out the City of Plymouth website.


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