More Dog Days of Summer in Plymouth

Dog owners will have two more options for their pets to romp, play and socialize in Plymouth.

The dog days of summer are coming sooner in Plymouth.

Starting Sunday, July 1, Plymouth dog owners will have more options to give their pets off-leash play and socializing when two new mini dog parks open.

Throughout the summer and fall the hockey rinks at Plymouth and Oakwood playfields (located at 10011 36th Ave. N. and 1700 County Road 101 respectively) will be transformed into enclosed mini dog parks.

Locating the two new dog parks on both the east and west side of Plymouth, make them a convenient destination for more dog owners.

“We have had several residents request additional dog parks,” said Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation Barb Northway. “It is rare to drive to our first dog park on County Road 47 near Dunkirk Lane and find more than a couple of empty parking spaces."

The entrance to each new mini off-leash park will have space for owners to leash and unleash their dogs. User guidelines, doggie bags, garbage cans and benches will all be conveniently located at the facilities.

(Information provided by a city of Plymouth press release.)


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